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Common Pest Control Problems


Here are some of the more common pests that we treat. However many others do cause problems across the region. If you have a concern about any pest issue and require pest control in Leeds, Wakefield, Bradford or any other town in West Yorkshire call your local answer White Rose Pest Control and take the first step to taking back your environment.



Although there are several species of ants found in the U.K. the most commonly found pests are the Black or Garden Ant (LASIUS NIGER). These ants often build their nests under solid surfaces such as block paving or concrete slabs. Worker ants will forage around nearby buildings looking for a food source often leading them into kitchens. Once a food supply has been identified a trail is laid that other ants will follow, quickly leading to sometimes hundreds of ants invading our habitat.

White Rose Pest Control utilise the very latest insecticides and baits to both stop ingress into buildings and to destroy the nest.



Rats and Mice have lived close to mankind for thousands of years. In all climates, environments and situations rodents have always adapted to thrive. In today’s modern world rodents have quickly learnt to utilise our gardens for their own benefit. Decking and sheds provide ideal cover, bird tables and compost heaps provide an ample food supply and our ponds and water features give them much needed drinking water. Living this close to us inevitably, far too often, they manage to find their way into our homes and work places. With their capacity to breed quickly a large and dangerous infestation can soon take hold.

Diseases linked to rodents include the deadly Weils Disease, Salmonella and Rat Bite Fever amongst others. Like all rodents the incisor teeth of mice and rats grow constantly throughout their lives. To keep these teeth sharp and in good order the rodents will almost constantly be chewing and gnawing on surfaces. Damage to buildings, electrical systems and furniture is estimated to run into Millions of pounds of damage every year.

White Rose Pest Control eradicates infestations on a daily basis. Using the latest baiting techniques and our years of experience we can quickly and safely clear up any rodent population in your building and advise you on measures to help stop any future ingress.

Grey Squirrels

Gray Squirrel

The Grey Squirrel (SCIURUS CAROLINENSIS) is an imported pest from North America. Around the late 19th century they were introduced to the U.K. This led to the almost complete extinction of our native Red Squirrel. Grey Squirrels are a nuisance and are costly pests to gardeners and plantations but are a real danger if they find their way into loft spaces where their almost constant chewing and gnawing can damage timbers, electrical wires, alarm cables and water systems.

Using tunnel protected traps (to stop any risk of capturing non-target animals) White Rose Pest Control can quickly remove the squirrels from your environment and advise you on proofing measures to help stop any further ingress in the future.



Wasps can create fear and annoyance when they are present around people. Many people have a genuine phobia of them, in some cases, with good reason. Wasp stings are painful and with the capacity to inflict multiple stings they can prove fatal to certain individuals or pets.

A fully developed nest could contain over ten thousand wasps that all have the ability to sting especially if they feel their nest or queen is under threat. If you fear that you have an active wasps nest do not try to attempt to destroy it yourselves. A simple slip or mistake could result in extreme pain and can even be life threatening!

For a low cost you can have peace of mind that the nest will be destroyed safely by an expert without risk to yourself or others in the area. White Rose Pest Control usually eradicates nests by injecting insecticidal dust into the nest entrance. This results in the queen and worker wasps being quickly destroyed. We also provide and service various types of traps and lures for areas such as beer gardens, school playgrounds and cafes where wasps often forage and cause distress to the general public.



The U.K. has seen a marked increase in the number of cockroach complaints over recent years. The two most common species that White Rose Pest Control encounters in the local area are the German cockroach (BLATTELLA GERMANICA) and the Oriental Cockroach (BLATTA ORIENTALIS). Eradicating a cockroach infestation is a skilled practice. Without a thorough and knowledgeable survey prior to treatment you could be creating more problems. All possible harbourages must be identified, any house-keeping issues must be addressed and incoming food or products must be inspected to ensure that no more insects are transferred into the infected areas.

Once our expert team begins treatment we utilise the most proven and effective baits and insecticides to combat the cockroach infestation. Thoroughness is key to eradicating cockroaches; all but the very smallest of infestations will require a programme of visits and inspections to completely eradicate it. Do not take chances with a cockroach infestation they can destroy your reputation, business or even health. Trust in White Rose Pest Control to professionally and expertly exterminate your cockroach infestation.

Feral Pigeons

Feral Pigeons

Feral Pigeons (COLUMBIA LIVIA) are descended from Rock Doves. Their liking for ledges and shelves has enabled them to utilise our buildings for perching and nesting.

Feeding from mankind’s scraps and sometimes been actually fed by members of the public has led to these birds populating all of our local towns and cities. Pigeons in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and other surrounding towns have become a common place and flock sizes are continuing to grow.

These birds carry diseases such as Pigeon Fanciers Lung and Salmonellosis. Areas that suffer from large numbers of pigeons often have problems with the secondary pests that live on or around pigeons i.e, Beetles, Fleas and mites amongst many others.

Pigeon droppings are very acidic damaging the stone and brickwork of the buildings used by the birds to perch on, as well as blocking drainage hoppers and fall pipes, leading to damp and flooding problems.

White Rose Pest Control has various tried and tested systems to protect your environment from the damaging effects of these birds. Stainless steel spike systems, UV- stabilised netting, electronic anti perching systems and even trapping and removal of the birds are all available amongst others. If you are suffering with a pest bird issue call us today for your free site survey and recommendations to resolve the issues for good.